About Us

Polo Life partners brands and polo. We offer companies a range of different polo sponsorship opportunities in both existing event packages and bespoke programs. Our aim is to maximize corporate exposure and return on investment for our clients.

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Charley Law

Having played polo as a semi-pro for over 10 years, Charley founded Polo Life in 2011 to facilitate sponsorship and encourage new companies to participate and benefit from the sport. Having represented high goal teams in the British Open and Her Majesty’s Queens Cup, Charley has also played in countries across South America, USA, Europe, China and The Middle East, gaining an appreciation for the elite professionalism of the sport and an extensive knowledge of events, tournaments and private clubs worldwide. This across the board exposure permits access to some of the of the world’s best players and their private organisations, which makes Charley uniquely positioned in being able to provide clients with valuable, impartial advise and bespoke programmes.

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Clare Gardner

Clare has been a consultant for Polo Life since its inception in 2011. Passionate about polo, Clare spent a year in Buenos Aires where she began working for the luxury lifestyle company, Quintessentially. On moving back to London she continued to work for the brand, managing corporate accounts and clients such as American Express, British Airways and Chelsea Football Club. Clare now works as membership manager for the UK’s leading luxury association, Walpole, where she facilitates strategic introductions and events on behalf of its members. With so many brands already taking advantage of the dynamic platform polo provides, Clare hopes Polo Life can help many others new to the game to realise its full potential.