Teams & Ambassadors


Brands can benefit from a longer term, more strategic approach. With teams entering tournaments in different parts of the world, sponsors are able to gain additional exposure and increase brand awareness in numerous markets.

  • Longer term strategic/tiered approach
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple activation opportunities
  • More opportunities for sponsors to entertain clients
  • Create a campaign that can be followed/monitored
  • More lead time for brand association within polo
  • Engages supporters and makes polo more exciting to watch



While enjoying the same benefits as above, the sponsorship of individual ambassadors can provide an alternative to team sponsorship. It can not only be less capital intensive, but one can hand pick a player or players to represent a particular product or brand.

This approach has been extremely successful in recent years and has seen brands like Royal Salute, Jaeger-LeCoultre  and Ralph Lauren, capitalise on players who already have a profile in and outside of the sport.