Tournament & Hospitality

With polo played in over 50 different countries worldwide there are a multitude of existing tournaments available for potential sponsors to support. From the Gold Cup at Cowdray to the Snow Polo in St Moritz, brands can benefit from association with established events in the Polo Calendar or create their own such as Audi, Cartier and St Regis have done.

Audi International Day, Cartier Queen’s Cup, St Regis International Test Match (Cowdray)

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Benefits of tournament sponsorship

  • Become a fixture in the Polo Calendar and established name in Polo
  • Multitude of pre-existing, easy fit opportunities for brands
  • Extensive variety of tournaments offer wide range of choice; budget, audience, values, geography or season.
  • Provide ideal environment for company away days and corporate hospitality

Tournaments provide sponsors with ideal platforms to entertain guests in many an exquisite, exclusive, and dynamic environment.